MDM for Big Data

Behind the scenes, TIBCO MDM connects seamlessly to any standard integration bus to connect MDM to other enterprise systems. It is also used to decouple the components and provide guaranteed delivery of data to and from systems in an asynchronous manner.
This integration bus is also used to provide access to data in external systems for harmonizing the master data from multiple data sources. This harmonization process handles the messages and transforms the data into the compulsory format to upstream and downstream customer’s systems.
TIBCO MDM can scale both horizontally and vertically to meet your future needs, supported by these capabilities and features:
Horizontal Scaling
Application performance can be boosted by adding more memory and/or more processing power. Our installed client base has continuously observed near-linear scaling of application performance by the addition of more processing power.
Vertical Scaling
Because TIBCO MDM is an integrated database, workflow, and integration application, additional applications, organizations, and data domains can be added without any impact on the production application.
MDM for Big Data
Open Standards
TIBCO MDM is a standard J2EE application built on top of a relational database with a relational schema with no reliance on proprietary technology or schemas. Completely metadata-driven, standard app server and DB scaling techniques can be applied to the TIBCO MDM solution.
Scalable Cache
TIBCO MDM embeds a cache that can be distributed across app server instances to further boost querying and validation throughput
TIBCO MDM architecture is event-based and supports calling out to external services and applications. The TIBCO MDM web service API also provides support for external apps to leverage TIBCO MDM data and functionality.
SOA Enabled
TIBCO MDM’s embedded JMS client can leverage ESBs for scalable bus-based integration and distribute data loads rather than relying on multiple point-to-point interfaces. TIBCO MDM provides various integration touch points for external applications like data quality tools to interact with the application in a scalable and standard way.
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